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Random Thoughts

Posted in Random thoughts on December 5, 2009 by dunnthat
  • Number three recently conducted a Family Home Evening at our house.  And I couldn’t stop staring at him.  He’s SO PRETTY!  I think he said interesting words as well.  I have no idea.
  • Why do smokers think they aren’t littering when they throw their smoldering butts all over the place? 
  • And why don’t they think smoldering butts thrown out a window on the freeway could very possibly set my car, full of flammable gasoline and other flammable liquids, on fire??
  • Why should it matter to me that “Obama asks moms to return to school”?  Because I sure get told that a lot on Facebook.  Like, now I’m going to go.  Because, you know, Obama asked me to. 
  • When did celebrities become experts on politics and politicians?  How can a movie star with a high school education call a politician with his doctorate degree stupid?  Or a politician who has, say, run a large state?  For example.
  • I recently saw a car with both a handicap parking pass and a BYU law school bumper sticker.  And I laughed.
  • If I take the sacrament twice on one Sunday and miss it altogether the next Sunday, am I even? (I know the answer – just a random thought…like the title.)
  • I want to be the weight I was when I thought I was fat.
  • I find it very troubling when people younger than me are more successful than me.  How can this be?
  • It annoys me when I see skinny people jogging.  Is that wrong?
  • I am ever hopeful that mankind will realize that in order to turn left, one must move one’s vehicle into the intersection.  And not just sit there behind the cross walk.  Waiting for Godot or something.
  • I’m always surprised at the end of the year when the entertainment industry lists the famous people who’ve died that year.  Sure, I remember some of them, (Michael Jackson, John Hughes, Farah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze), but I always find myself thinking, “Oh my gosh!  Did [insert forgotten celebrity] die?  Did I know that?”  When I die, I wonder if people will forget at the end of the year.  And then think, “Oh yeah.  That one girl died!”
  • It’s very strange to me how so many people are following me on Twitter when I don’t have an account nor do I know how to tweet. (I keep getting messages that so-and-so is now following me on Twitter…hmmm.)
  • I now have unlimited text messaging and I’m so disappointed in myself that I can’t seem to break 400 texts in a month.  What a waste of a resource.  I must do better.
  • What’s up with ads on youtube videos?  So annoying.

More Randomness

Posted in Daily Bread, Random thoughts on September 28, 2009 by dunnthat
  • My pants are magic.  They get smaller for no apparent reason.
  • I heard the greatest thing in my life Saturday from my friend Amy (thanks Amy!).  Amy said that she thinks I’m a better writer than one of my favorite, really famous, blogger/writers.  And she seemed sincere.  Oh, I am SO TOTALLY Words of Affirmation.  Walking on clouds…skipping in the sunshine…gathering flowers and tossing them onto the cool calm surface of a crystal-clear pond…la la la.
  • This is NOT a cry for affirmation…I’m just telling you what happened.  And I don’t agree with Amy.  But I love her OH SO VERY MUCH.  Even if she’s wrong wrong wrong.
  • THEN number four told me that one of his friends told him (number four) that he wished number four had a sister.  “Why?”  “Because she’d be hot.  Because your mom’s hot.”  OH MY GOSH!!!  Awesome day.  All in one day.
  • But then it all came crashing down:  For talkers like me, life is a series of hits and misses.  Those hits…oh my goodness…GLORIOUS! But the misses…there is seriously almost no worse feeling in this world.  Crickets…chirping…  Apparently I suck at reading social cues.  Note to self:  Learn how to read social cues.
  • I found out that one can actually drink liquid that is so hot that it blisters your throat.  I thought number three had ulcerous growths on his tonsils and so I self-prescribed (by calling a doctor friend) 850 mg of Augmenten two times a day for ten days to help rid him of this horrific infection. (Number three is taking 18 credit hours, in engineering for crying out loud, and literally is not available during doctor hours to go to the doctor, so I diagnosed him myself because I was panicked at what I saw in his throat and I don’t trust after-hours clinic doctors who don’t know my kid.)  How does one burn one’s tonsils to the point of blistering?  Chimarraon.  Yeah.  The Augmenten didn’t help.
  • I feel a lot of pressure to be funny… all… the… time…  Sorry if all my posts don’t make you laugh all the time…but SOME of them are stellar, right?  I think so, because seriously, sometimes *I* laugh as I’m writing them.  heh heh  (I sincerely think that “Inconsiderate lout” is one of the funniest stories of my life.  The story it produced was totally worth the experience…)
  • I read a newspaper article informing me that shower heads may harbor dangerous bacteria.  Great.  Now I can die from the shower…
  • I also read an obituary for a guy my age (49) who died of “natural causes.”  What the ??  What’s natural about dying at 49??
  • Last week I poured my cereal and a lethargic fly came out into my bowl and was spinning around in circles.  EW.  So I thought, wow, I bet this fly just left a future family in my cereal.  So I dumped the entire box out into the garbage disposal and gagged and gagged while my food noisily ground down the drain.  I bet this is the natural cause that killed that guy.
  • And finally, I received an email forward from my dad yesterday that showed a very real consequence of texting while driving.  A semi hit a little car (I’m guessing the little car driver was the text messenger) and the kid was literally torn in half.  And, I saw it.  And I still see it…  Ew.  Put…the phone…down… Please!  (Public service announcement courtesy of dunnthat.)

Post edit:  I just realized this is my 100th post!  Apparently I just can’t shut up. 😀

Random thoughts: latest additions

Posted in Daily Bread, Random thoughts on July 31, 2009 by dunnthat
  • For the first time in almost ten years all my boys of dating age are dating someone they kind of like, so now when I check out girls it’s more creepy than helpful.
  • Mini FINALLY activates the airbag in the front seat!  This means he’s over 90 pounds. Woot woot!
  • Ladies from the ward, it’s important that you know that *I* don’t advertise my blog in the Relief Society newsletter.  Carina does that all by herself.  I am narcissistic, sure, but COME ON.
  • Today I wore my pajamas until 1:00 p.m. because I was out of clean underwear and had to wait for the wash.
  • I touch my face way too much to wear make-up.  I’m a face toucher.
  • My husband told me recently that I said “I think I’m really funny” three times in a single conversation.  Well GOSH, I wouldn’t say it so many times if you just said, “Yes.  You’re very funny.”
  • If you see colored words in my posts, you should know that that is probably a link to another post or a web page.  Just click on the words.  You’re welcome.
  • Number one passed the Professional Engineer exam in California!  (He was able to take it earlier in California, so he did.)  Yay!  He now has initials after his name, as in:  Number One, P.E.
  • Number three brought home some treats from Brazil:  Hepatitis A AND Hepatitis B.  Enzymes through the roof. (For you medical types: AST SGOT 496…should be between 0-40; ALT SGPT 176…should be between 0-55.)  Did more testing, and WHAT?  All enzymes normal.  I would call that…a miracle.  Would you?
  • Number three crochets.  Yes he does.  He crocheted headbands for all the missionaries who played the University of Caxias basketball team one P-day.
  • I haven’t thought about lacrosse for months.  This is a big first for a summer in a LONG time.
  • Apparently I’ve been around long enough in the blog world to get spam comments.  They’re always in Russian or something.  Weird.

Random thought explosion

Posted in Daily Bread, Random thoughts on May 14, 2009 by dunnthat
  • If you’re not reading the comments here, you’re really missing a treat.  You guys are funnier than I am, fo’ sho’.
  • Note to my missionary son:  Just because we spoke on the phone on Mother’s Day does not mean you don’t have to write me on P-day.  Especially when I need a lot of answers about our trip to Brazil.
  • Every time I get my eyebrows waxed at the happy-nails-one-stop-grooming shop where I can’t understand a single word they are saying, Vietnamese Tina (I’m SURE that’s her real name) asks me if I want my lip waxed.  EVERY TIME.   I say “no,” every time.  She says, “Are you sure?”  I say, “Yes.  I’m sure.”  “No lip wax?”  GAH!  She knows me.  She knows me!   I come in all the time.  I’ve never said yes, and she just keeps asking.  Now I have a complex.  Let me just say, I have lots of random hairs – weird wiry hairs coming out of my chin (sick) and weird wiry horse hairs growing out of my head arbitrarily.  But I do NOT need my lip waxed!!  DO NOT!
  • Melted cheese is awesome comfort food.  It warms from the inside out.
  • Newspaper edition (Get it??)…I am super disappointed when obituaries don’t say how someone young dies. 
  • I read an extraordinarily long obituary yesterday in which the deceased is survived by her “fiance” of SIXTEEN YEARS.  What the  ?  Poor thing.  Guess she had more problems than just having MS.
  • Did you ever notice that when you tear out something from the newspaper it tears really easily vertically, but is really irregular horizontally?  I know there’s an explanation for this.  I just don’t know what it is.
  • Is it wrong that I sometimes hope my old shrimp in the fridge will give me salmonella so I could drop a few  pounds?  Just wondering.
  • When given a choice, I will always buy men’s t-shirts rather than women’s.  Why are women’s short-sleeved shirts so tight in the sleeves?  When did I get so fat IN MY ARMS??  Sheesh.
  • I’ve heard that a “cleanse” will help me lose a lot of weight fast, but I don’t have three days in a row I can stay close to home – if ya know what I mean.  Plus, I’ve heard I’ll gain it all back in a few days.  What’s the point?
  • A word to the ward:  Thank you so much for thinking of us mothers every Mother’s Day.  But can I respectfully request that you stop giving me plants I’m destined to kill?  I just have one word for you:  CHOCOLATE.
  • I read a lot of emails.  Some of them move me.  Some of them I really love.  I would consider forwarding many of them.  But if at the end of the message I am instructed in ANY way to “forward this on” (ESPECIALLY if it’s religious and I’m lectured about how many humorous emails I send, but do I love my God enough to send a religious email…vomit) I will absolutely delete it as quickly as I can.  Don’t tell me what to do.  Just don’t.
  • My butt hurts.  Too many lunges.  Just putting that out there.
  • I must be doing it wrong because working out does NOT give me more energy.  I’m so tired I could curl up and die.

Late addition:  Thanks to Anna for the laugh about the Vietnamese Nail Salon experience…perfect.

Random thoughts

Posted in Daily Bread, Random thoughts on April 26, 2009 by dunnthat
  • How much Healthy Choice ice cream can I eat before it’s no longer a healthy choice?  Just wondering.  No particular reason.
  • Why do people who I think are mostly “good” people write “WTF”?  Do they think that because it’s an anacronym it’s not a bad word?  Of course, I say “BFE” on occasion, but my “F” stands for “freakin’.”  Just saying.
  • There is no such thing as “Better-Than-Sex” cake.  Perhaps “Almost-as-good-as” or “Reminiscent-of” but not “better-than.”  Sorry.
  • If nothing smaller than my elbow is supposed to go in my ear, why do Q-Tips feel so dang good?  I swear, if I were a dog, my leg would be going a mile a minute when I have a Q-Tip spinning in my ear like the earth orbits the sun.
  • Doesn’t my new picture make you want to waterski??  Really happened…this was Lake Powell in October, and we were too tired from skiing perfect water to ski this perfect water.  We wept.
  • Why is it that when I get my picture taken I always pull my chin back so that my pictures all look like I’m Jabba the Hut’s sister?  I know this.  I know it.  Yet, I still do it.
  • I picked up some diffuser scents at Costco (Yay) and now my house smells like fancy Raid.  I hate it.
  • Doesn’t it seem like blog formats have a lot of wasted space on the left and right side of the screen?
  • My oldest boy was just voted Biggest Heartthrob of the H4 (four Holladay Singles Wards combined).  This embarrasses him and thrills me.  He doesn’t want me to mention it because he worries it will look like he’s bragging, which he’s not.  Nope.  It looks like *I’m* bragging.  Which I am.
  • Speaking of offspring:  I just completed my soon-to-be returned missionary’s fall schedule for the U.  YAY!  Getting closer!
  • My skinny boys like Crystal Light and my skinny daughter-in-law hates chocolate.  How is that fair?
  • Dream last night:  I was a waitress at TGIFridays and I sucked.  And it woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep, which makes me hate it more.
  • There are 21 calories in one Swedish Fish.
  • There are 10 calories in one Hot Tamale.
  • Thank goodness each is fat-free.

Random thoughts from the Temple

Posted in Daily Bread, Random thoughts on April 25, 2009 by dunnthat
  • It’s creepy to check out women as potential daughters-in-law at the temple.  But I do it.
  • When did the loud back clap become the universal sign of congratulations in sealing rooms?
  • Early in the morning there is a quiet calm and peace, and the air smells nice.  Totally not worth it.  I’d rather experience calm and peace while I’m asleep.
  • However, parking at the temple is way easier early in the morning.  I’d still rather sleep.
  • It makes me physically ill to see people asking for money outside the temple doors.  It is a manipulation of emotion and I won’t participate. (I’m such a Republican…I give, don’t you worry, but I won’t be manipulated into giving.)
  • Brides are pretty.
  • Why are there lockers in the temple?  This is rhetorical.  I know why.  And it makes me sad.  It also makes me sad that I was worried about leaving my hot red cowboy boots in the shoe room.
  • Why do I get annoyed when I am walking behind slow people?  What’s my hurry??
  • It’s awkward to go to a temple sealing all by yourself, especially when you don’t know anyone there.  I feel like such a loser.  Can’t even get a date to the temple.
  • I found out today that it is a part of the sealer’s list of instructions to have the bride and groom look at the sealer while the ceremony is taking place.  I like this.
  • Kissing over the alter should be mostly chaste and not too long.  Good job Amy.
  • Same with after the rings.  Ew.  We KNOW you like each other.  No need to show us IN THE TEMPLE.  Again, good job Amy.