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Guest blogger: Anna

Posted in Guest Blogger on February 10, 2010 by dunnthat

Many of you know Anna from her comments on my blog.  And if you’re smart, you’re reading her blog.  Don’t you just LOVE HER??

I asked her to be a guest blogger here for a special announcement.  She graciously accepted. 

You should know that Anna hasn’t even blogged in this much detail about her news on her own blog.  We (the royal “we”) are most pleased.


Here she is:

A little over a year ago at Christmas I was sandwiched between two of my nephews in the back seat of the car. I was sitting in the middle so they could have a better view as we drove around to look at the Christmas lights.  During the ride my little 5 year old nephew turned to me and said, “Anna? Are you lonely? You are just a mommy* all by yourself.” I giggled. How sweet that he picked up on my situation. He knew I was his only auntie without a husband.

Well, this auntie is no longer going to be “a mommy all by herself”……

I am engaged. Engaged, engaged, ENGAGED!!!

The who I am engaged to is the very best part… Number 1. They don’t come any better. I really am a lucky girl. Did I mention that he makes me happy? Like annoyingly happy. Like I don’t think straight happy. So happy, that I am writing about it on someone else’s blog happy.

How’s that for news? 😉

Oh yeah… Do you know what this means????? Dunnthat is going to be my mother-in-law. I know. YOU are all jealous. You should be. She is even better than her blog makes her out to be.


Mrs. nannersbananners-dunnthat.

*I don’t have any children. My nephew refers to all women as mommies, with or without kids of their own.

YAY!!  YAY YAY YAY!!  Aren’t we lucky?  I have to tell you, I’ve been waiting for this longer than she has…fo’ shizzle.

And isn’t she sweet?  I only had to pay her a minimal fee to say nice things about me.  The family discount.

Pays to be related.


Father Dear

Posted in Guest Blogger on November 9, 2009 by dunnthat

Dad emailed me a great story about his elk hunt exploits last week.  So great, that I asked his permission to share it with you.

I get more comments about my dad’s comments … I think his comments on this blog along with this story will assuage all doubts any may have about my parentage.

I am definitely my father’s daughter.

So, our guest blogger, Father Dear, writes:

I am going to tell you something that a good many people would be embarrassed to admit, but should you see some humor in this, it is worth it to me to explain it.  The condition was NOT funny, but that is what allowed this to happen.  The snow and cold temperature and poor selection of boots, plus not much hiking combined to keep my feet so very cold they were numb–so numb in fact, I didn’t feel something in my boot that amounted to more than a pebble.  Because of my cold feet, I changed boots when we went to camp for lunch, and the attached photo shows what was inside my boot.  Believe it or not, I was walking on this gem all morning and couldn’t tell it because of the numbness in my feet.  The foot long ruler wasn’t in my boot–I only included it in the photo for size comparison.

I’ve never had an interest in having a “boot knife”, but I had one yesterday.

boot knife

I might mention that if there is another winter hunt in my future, I plan to select a location near a better camp option (generally known as a MOTEL).

Yep.  That’s my dad!

Thanks Dad.