About ME

Of an age where reading glasses help.  Yikes.  Married 30 years.  Every day a record.  Five sons.  First son is 28 and not married.  A true anomaly for Utah. Second son is 25 and married to a most gorgeous girl whom we love.  Third son, 21, just returned from an LDS mission in Brazil.   Fourth son, 18, just started college and fifth son, 15, just started high school.

A non-traditional college student.  Graduated in Speech Communication and English.  “Walked” with my oldest son – a super cool “Hallmark” moment.  Fancied myself a “writer” until the U of U crushed my spirit.

Discovered a writing outlet.  

Now I’m a blog-aholic.


2 Responses to “About ME”

  1. I just came across your site through the seriously so blessed blog. I read the first story about the Cal & Callie’s baby blessing. HILARIOUS! Seriously, I laughed so hard and hurried and forwarded it to my fiance to read. He’s gonna love it. And then, I read your swallow story. Again, so funny! So, saw the about ME link. I’m sorry you’re kinda sick and kinda bored. I hope, if possible, you get feeling better. (I’m not really serious about this!), unfortunately for you and because I’m selfish, I hope you continue to be bored so you will keep writing such fun stories & I can keep reading them.

  2. Del Skinner Says:

    My Friend Amy, emailed me a link to your site, Specificlly My Missionary. She was trying to give me hope. Thank you, because your words inspired me and gave me the encouragement to carry on. I have enjoyed reading about your missionary and your creative thoughts.

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