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Worth the wait? HAIR

Posted in Daily Bread on December 2, 2010 by dunnthat

I always find it interesting and often surprising what specific information intrigues readers from posts I write.  This post was intended to lament my unaccomplished life because the women of Heart are, to be honest, freaking old, and yet, still hard-core rockers.

What stuck?  My hair routine.  And volume.  Hmmm.  Well, it has taken some time and some genuine effort (I HATE effort) to get this together for the inquisitive, but I finally got what I needed to share the hair (poet).

For informational purposes, this is what gathering this post required: 

  • Find yearbook
  • Find photos
  • Scan photos – had to go to work to scan them because home scanner went bonkers
  • Something I did on scanning went weird and the files are like 19-20mg
  • Practically made my computer run down the street in fear from massive file sizes
  • Transfer to usb drive
  • Bring home
  • Sits at home forever
  • Finally got my crap in one sock (thanks for the reference bro) and cropped shots for blog purposes
  • Transfer again to usb drive for portability to laptop
  • Insert usb into laptop 
  • Laptop doesn’t recognize usb info
  • Say bad words
  • Repeatedly
  • Found the files!

You should know the hair routine before I post the photos.  You’ve probably already scrolled down to see them anyway, and that makes me sad because I’m really trying to be dramatic here, and you’re just not letting me.


Okay – so, my mornings in high school went like this: 

  • Get up at 5:00 a.m
  • Shower and wash hair 
  • Blow dry in amazing fashion as described in referenced post
  • Roll hair in hot rollers
  • Put on stupid makeup, which I still hate to do and rarely do
  • 5:45 a.m. – drive to school for early morning marching band practice (that’s right, I said it)
  • Participate in early morning band practice WITH rollers in hair
  • Senior year, participation was as the Drum Major (that’s right, I said that as well)
  • Which makes me QUEEN of the nerds (that and the fact that I was also the Band President – Double geek for the win)
  • Early morning band ends at 7:15 in time for early morning seminary
  • Enrolled in early morning seminary – often didn’t go.  Band business, you know (so I said)
  • Remained in band room to prep hair

Okay, hair prep isn’t going to work on bullet points, as fun as they are.  SO, I found out about five years ago that my hair prep was, um, looked forward to (?) by many a male band member.  So yes, Emily, I was the envy of the whole marching band <g>. 

Because this is what I did:  I went to the corner of the band room and removed my rollers.  Then, with my backside to the room (thinking that was less obtrusive, because, you know, I couldn’t see them) I dropped my head down for the brushing experience which produced very large hair.  With my backside to the middle of the room. 

Yeah, picture THAT.  Now go wash the horror from your eyes. 

Apparently crowds did indeed gather for the morning ritual.

And yes, I am mortified to know this.

No need to re-state the ritual.  If you want to read it, see the referenced post.

And the result, my friends, is archived below…

You will, I’m sure, be delighted to know that I have pretty much almost given up on the anonymity thing because, after all, who else reads this but you who (yoohoo) pretty much know me anyway.

AND, like anyone is going to recognize me from photos from the dark ages.

First, this is a photo of me and the other Drum Major.  Who was short.  And I was tall.  Gargantuan.  He did not know that the photo was going to include the entire head-to-toe layout.  Nor did I.  This is a very famous photo.  You are welcome.

Next is an image from the Honor Society photo.  I could give it to you up close, but I think it’s funnier from a bit of a distance.  I needn’t point myself out.  I am so…THERE.  And the poor people around me just trying to get in the frame.  This was a spectacular hair day. 


I happened to be on the yearbook staff and my picture is ALL OVER this yearbook.


You tell me, was this post worth the wait?