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Have you seen our Haka dance?

Posted in Daily Bread on July 9, 2010 by dunnthat

I have been a crappy blogger lately.  In my defense, COME ON…lots going on…

Number One (heretofore known as “Newly” for Newlywed) got married (YAY)

I turned the big 5-0

Went to Lake Powell

Number Four (heretofore known as “Missionary”) is leaving me to go to Canada for two years (I told Mini I was going with him when he went:  “Hello!  My name is Elder Mini.  And this is my mom…”).  Farewell is Sunday.  LOVE you to come…call or facebook me if you want details…

Ten days in Denver for a lacrosse tournament with Mini (AWESOME)

General stuff…and, to be honest, my view numbers are way down and it’s harder to get excited if I feel like no one really cares if I do or don’t, so, there you have it.  (This is a pathetic call out to know if anyone really cares…PATHETIC)

So, to tide you over, here is a little something-something that made me laugh my fool head off.  Give it a go…I think you’ll be glad you did.

It’s another of the Hitler videos…this one parodies BYU’s reaction to Utah’s entrance into the PAC-10.

Favorite line:  “Boise’s beautiful.”  ENJOY!  (Not yet on youtube so you just have to follow this link – so disappointing to not have a pretty embedded video :()