The view from over here

For those traveling to my blog from Anna’s blog looking for her announcement, it’s the post before this one.

It has been my plan of attack on this blog to remain mostly anonymous, except for those of you who know me anyway.  I accept that this is probably pretty dumb, because anyone who wants to know who I am doesn’t need an advanced degree to figure it out.  But still, I try.  And I try to leave my kids names out of my blog to protect their anonymity as well.  Again, probably pointless.

But here’s the thing, if you want to see Anna and her fiancé, you can go to her blog to view an adorable picture of preciousness.

Plus, Anna and I have a bet as to which one of us gets more traffic from the other one.  Help me out peeps.

Now, I’m going to give you the story from over here.  Many of you have asked me why it took me so long to make this announcement, knowing how long I’ve waited for this blessed event.  Here’s the answer:  It wasn’t my announcement to make.  I had to wait for facebook status updates and their own proclamations.  Plus, I wanted Anna to announce it here, and she’s been sort of busy.

I do realize the love shared by Number 1 and Anna has little or nothing to do with ME, but I do have a point of view, and this is, after all, my blog…so buckle up.

Number 1 and Anna met on January 11, 2009.  Yes, I do know the date.  A most auspicious event in all our lives.  I could tell something was different for my boy right away.  Mommy was excited…

“What’s her name sweetie?”  “I’m not going to tell you.”  “Why?”  “Because you’ll facebook-stalk her.”

It took some time, but I eventually squeezed her name out of him.

And, I facebook-stalked her.

Then, I blog-stalked her.

And I fell in love.  And I hadn’t even met her yet.

Finally I met her.  And I loved her more. 

And I pretended I didn’t know she had a blog.  “Oh, you have a blog?  Do you mind if I read it?”

Yep.  I surely did.

For me, this journey took FOREVER to come to fruition.  In reality, it didn’t.  It’s just that I was SO READY!  But everything happened the way it should.  I know that.  And I am just grateful we’re where we are now.  The wait makes the engagement all the more sweet.

Thanks to all Anna’s friends who dropped by here offering their congratulations and votes for Team Anna.

I know how lucky we are, my friends.  I truly know.

And let me assure you, Number 1 is one of the most amazing people I have ever known.  They are an outstanding match and will achieve spectacular things!

And have a blast along the way.

A long journey…with a very happy ending.  I do so love you Anna.  Welcome to the family!  I am thrilled that you will no longer be a mommy all alone.

Now hurry up and give me grandkids.


6 Responses to “The view from over here”

  1. hahaha….love that you know the actual DATE. 🙂 I personally love hearing the beginning of their tale and dating story. makes me giggle.

  2. I’m smiling all over! I love Anna too, and happy for both her and your #1.
    AND FUTURE GRANNY! I can hardly believe my ears/eyes–our child is anxious to be called GRANDMA! Such a title automatically ages you by a decade!!

    XOXO all over the place!!

  3. OH NO! If my child is a grandma, I’m a GREAT GRANDPA! I don’t even know a GREAT GRANDPA! They are all hundreds of years old!


  4. Victor Garcia da Rosa Says:

    I must say, I LOVE THE DUNNTHAT FAMILY (I guess I shouldn’t use the real last name). LOL. There is absolutely nothing I could say that the readers of this blog don’t already know about them. (Well, that is if you really know them because the author of this blog is so secretive and doesn’t want to name names. I might just name names to see what evil may befall me.) LOL However, let me share something dear to my heart. It was in December 2003 when we met. Many years past until I saw them again in December 2008. They showed me much love the last time we were together here in DUNNTHAT VACATIONLAND (Hey, if Momma Dunnthat is so secretive, I won’t mention where I live and where they have vacationed.) Momma Dunnthat even shared with me how proud she was when one of her numbered sons (I am not at liberty to give out her son’s name) was away on a mission in LDS MISSIONLAND (not at liberty to disclose the location of the mission, ask Momma Dunnthat). Anyway, the Dunnthat family sent me a care-package which included a very cool DVD of a project Papa Dunnthat was involved in, a photo of the most handsome family in the world and some clothing items. I must say, again, I LOVE THE DUNNTHAT FAMILY. Maybe one day they will adopt me. I can become one of the numbered sons. Who knows, I might get lucky and be eternally sealed to the family, as well. If this doesn’t occur, with so many sons, I bet I could sneak my way into the family and they would never be the wiser. LOL.         

  5. Victor Garcia da Rosa Says:

    By the way, number 1 and Anna met on the best day of the year, my birthday, 11 January. 😉

  6. I love the view from all angles! 🙂
    I love father dear too. AND am so honored that we met on Victor’s birthday! love it.
    love you all!!!

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